Who is Bernard?

Bernard is the Lord Governor of Sanctum City. Found in the Palace, this NPC is repsonsible for providing you with access to Instances.

Who is Durmont?

Durmont is an NPC in the Square of Sanctum City. He provides access to quests that refresh daily, including: Daily Quests, Alliance Quests, and Hero Quests.



What are Alliance Medals?

What is the difference between the Gems found in Gem Chests and the gems found in Gem Mines?


When do daily quests refresh?

When do wildernesses refresh?

When does my Sire Vitality refresh?


Where do I manipulate my heros' gears?

Where do I find health potions for my hero?

Where can I trade with other Sires?


How do I level my Sire?

How do I level my hero?

How do I equip gear?

How can I build an additional city?

How can I revive my heros' health?

How do I


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