The Tier 5 Epic Offensives are listed below.

Jingwei, the Goddess of the Eastern SeaEdit

Jingwei, Goddess of the Eastern Sea
Epic Hero Jingwei Basic Attrributes
Attack 190 Strength 50
Defense 151 Vitality 30
Name Jingwei Government 151 Intellect 30
Class Goddess of the Eastern Sea Talents Learned Skills
Growth 2.8 Attack 2600 Advanced Charging Hero Skill Advanced Charging


4200 Defense 2000 Intermediate Mage Hero Skill Intermediate Mage
Leadership --- Government 2000 Intermediate Commanding Hero Skill Intermediate Commanding
Supreme Spell Hero Skill Supreme Spell
History The daughter of Emperor of Flame, also known as the Goddess of the Sun.

Romeo, the Montague's SonEdit

Romeo, the Montague's Son
Epic Hero Romeo Basic Attrributes
Attack 217 Strength 55
Defense 177 Vitality 35
Name Romeo Government 187 Intellect 40
Class Montague's Son Talents Learned Skills
Growth 2.8 Attack 3900 Intermediate Precision Hero Skill Intermediate Precision


4200 Defense 2000 Supreme Spell Hero Skill Supreme Spell
Leadership --- Government 2000 Advanced Attack Hero Skill Advanced Attack
Advanced Commanding Hero Skill Advanced Commanding
History A member of the Montague family. He is willing to sacrifice anything in the name of love.

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