The Tier 1 Epic Defensives are profiled below. The heroes all have a maximum leadership potential of 5550, meaning they can carry 55500 troops at level 99.

Neil, the Eternal GuardianEdit

Neil, the Eternal Guardian
Epic Hero Neil Basic Attrributes


148 Strength 30
Defense 193 Vitality 55
Name Neil Government 157 Intellect 35
Class Eternal Guardian Talents Learned Skills
Growth 2.6 Attack 2000 Advanced Commanding Hero Skill Advanced Commanding


--- Defense 4000 Advanced Mage Hero Skill Advanced Mage
Leadership --- Government 2800 Advanced Dodging Hero Skill Advanced Evasion
Advanced Luck Hero Skill Advanced Luck
History To protect the heirloom tinder for the Golden Land, the three gods from the Floating Island assigned Neil to protect the tinder buried under Mt. Pyrenees. Neil has fought back numerous armies who were trying to steal the tinder for many years. He has become the strongest defender of the Golden Land.

Maria, the Holy Mother of God-MaryEdit

Maria, the Holy Mother of God-Mary
Epic Hero Maria Basic Attrributes


106 Strength 20
Defense 152 Vitality 50
Name Maria Government 145 Intellect 45
Class Holy Mother of God-Mary Talents Learned Skills
Growth 2.2 Attack 2000 Advanced Defence Hero Skill Advanced Defense


--- Defense 3600 Advanced Commanding Hero Skill Advanced Commanding
Leadership --- Government 3000 Advanced Luck Hero Skill Advanced Luck
History Mary had a close relation with god ever since she was a little girl. When she was three, she was able to guide herself to the high priest. She accepted his destiny to carry the son of God, Jesus. She is Widely known as Holy Mother of God-Mary.

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