Engaging in Battles is how Heroes gain experience and how Sires gain control of surrounding lands. There are multiple methods of battle Sires can engage in daily.

Player-vs-Player, or PVP, battle is the method used to conquer other sires' lands, cities, resources, or wonders. Player-vs-Environment, or PVE, battle is much more exhaustive and includes daily activities and repeatable quests. Players engage in PVE when they conquer wildernesses around their cities, and also when they complete instances. The two kinds of instances currently available for players include Hero Quests and official Instances found at the NPC Bernard.

In order to engage in battle, a Sire needs to have a hero with an army assigned to that hero. The only exception to this is when a Sire is attacked by another Sire, during which the presence or absence of a Hero and an Army on the Sire being attacked does not affect the ability to engage in battle. Sires can also adjust their individual cities' defense states to turn off counterattacks should another sire wish to engage in battle.

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